Semi-Reinforcing Carbon Blacks

Our broad portfolio of semi-reinforcing products allows compound designers to select a reinforcing agent that will meet the specific requirements of their application.

Our STERLING®, REGAL® and SPHERON® semi-reinforcing carbon blacks can be used in a wide range of tire and industrial rubber product applications. Tire carcasses and general purpose industrial rubber product applications benefit from the use of STERLING and REGAL carbon black. 

Additionally, our SPHERON and 4-digit STERLING semi-reinforcing carbon black products are specially developed as part of our ongoing commitment to address market needs and provide solutions for future product design and processing challenges in industrial rubber product applications. The proper selection of a semi-reinforcing carbon black product can enable optimization of compound performance on multiple dimensions, including strength, resilience, part life and high-quality extrudate surface finish.

Low PAH Carbon Blacks

Our new LP series of low PAH carbon blacks is engineered to help you meet stringent performance specifications while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and quality certifications.