Inkjet Media

Enabling color performance, color retention and faster drying time on non-porous substrates.


On non-porous surfaces where ink absorption and color retention can prove challenging, our CAB-O-SPERSE® dispersions can enable performance benefits for inkjet media. The unique morphology and surface chemical groups of our silica and alumina particles determines the beneficial properties imparted to nanostructured ink receptive coatings. The porosity, pore size distribution, and surface charge of the coating –  which are critical for coating adhesion, ink and coating drying time, ink absorption capacity, color intensity, color gamut, and dot gain– can all be tailored by formulation and choice of materials. 

CAB-O-SPERSE dispersions in coatings formulations create submicron pores, which decrease the drying time dramatically and enable faster print speeds.   

Our broad portfolio of CAB-O-SPERSE products provides ample options to optimize formulations. 

  • High compatibility because there are no dispersants
  • Range of materials: Silica or alumina base particles
  • Wide range of particle size
  • Controllable surface charge via choice of particles, surface treatment or pH
  • Robust stable dispersion: high zeta potential over range of pH