Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

We offer solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream processes in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry.

From cleaning amine scrubbers to increase their longevity to decolorizing natural gas liquids (NGLs) for use as catalysts for hydrocarbon sweetening in refineries, activated carbon is a versatile material that plays a critical role in this industry.

Gas treater liquids (amine-glycol)

  • Removes impurities to help prevent corrosion and loss of efficacy
  • Prevents accumulation of higher hydrocarbons
  • Minimizes operational process issues such as foaming
  • Reduces solvent losses and maintains gas throughput
Midstream gas processing (condensate decolorization) 
  • Decolorization readies condensate for pipeline transport for further NGL fractionation
  • Removal of impurities (including trace levels of sulphur)
  • Mesh size optimized for oil and gas applications
Hydrocarbon sweetening
  • Used as a catalyst carrier in the licensed hydrocarbon sweetening process
  • Mercaptan sweetening of heavier fractions
  • Catalytic extraction of mercaptans from light refinery products