Oleo Chemicals

Oleo chemicals are derived from natural raw materials, mainly based on plant or animal fat. Activated carbon is frequently used for decolorizing, deodorizing and purifying the fatty acids and derived chemicals.


Purity of carbons and consistent quality are very important in manufacturing oleo chemicals for applications from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, and give our activated carbon products an advantage.

In the application of glycerin, activated carbon enables the:

  • Removal of organic impurities (colors, odor-causing substances)
  • Removal of organics (aldehydes and chromophores)
  • Pretreatment of diluted glycerin before ion exchange
  • Upgrade of refined glycerin to high purity standards
In the application of ester production, activated carbon enables:
  • General purification
  • Prevention of fouling in ion exchange systems