Our activated carbon products are used in diverse agriculture applications, from seed and fertilizer to catalysts for herbicides, and more.


Whether in the production of glyphosate, protection of seeds from excess herbicide/pesticide exposure, concurrent ripening in pineapple farms, or coating seeds for better crop yield, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon products provide just the right selectivity and adsorption to get the job done. 

Specially designed for the agriculture industry, our activated carbon products are used in the following ways:

  • Seed protection agent. Activated carbon is used either as a coating on seeds or mixed with fertilizers (as in ryegrass production) to protect the seed from harmful herbicides and fungicides and improve crop yield. Our specialized carbons are the result of over three decades of serving this market, and the mix of pH and activity in our carbons enables our customers to provide their seeds the protection they need. In many cases, our products can be mixed with soil to leach out excess herbicides or fungicides in the field due to spillage.
  • Timed-release mechanism. Activated carbon can store essential nutrients in its pores, which are then released onto the crop over time, leading to a healthier crop. For example, in pineapple farming, our activated carbon is impregnated with ethylene which helps all the fruits in a plantation to ripen at the same time.
  • Catalyst. In the production of herbicides, activated carbon can act as an oxidation catalyst. Specially prepared powdered activated carbon (PAC) provides excellent activity and selectivity with good sedimentation and filtration characteristics. We have developed a specific product range of oxidation catalysts for this application that require a lower dosage for the same or higher conversion rates compared to other activated carbons that adsorb unwanted compounds from the feedstock.
  • For purification and decolorization. We offer a variety of activated carbon products used to decolorize and purify a wide range of agrochemicals (such as the fungicide azoxystrobin). Our portfolio of granular and powdered products allows us to provide a range of solutions for your purification needs.